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Irony.........(Hamilton Pg. 44)

"Irony is the broadest class of figures of thought that depend on presenting a deliberate contrast between two levels of meaning" (Hamilton Pg. 44)

After reading the definition for Irony, I thought to myself, wow thats a mouthfull, now only if I oculd understand it lol. I am sure I understand it in a mental sense but in what I like to call, "Language sense", I don't get it at all lol. This definitoin is like this is this and blah blah blah and I felt like it was continous and never ending. I usually like gettin a simple definiton for things but sometimes you have to go beyond the simple aspect of things and dig deep to find what you are looking for and thats what these definitions make you do, they make you think so that you actually have to try and actually have to comprehend whats going on so you learn you just dont read it and say ok you read it think about what you read and you learn and thats something that I found hard to do at first but I LEARNED its what education is all about.


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Juliana Cox:

Andrea, I agree. Education is about pushing yourself to a new level. In our early levels of education our teaches expected us to know the basic knowledge level concepts, but now its about cognitive learning, analysis, and evaluation. When we read we must go beyond the reading to grasp the idea and to understand. And yes, this definition of irony did seem to read blah blah blah, but we need to depict it and take away our own meaning of the text.

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