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More then what it seems (Foster Ch, 2,3 & 5)

“Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”, “…….just as cigars may be just cigars, so sometimes they are not”. I choose these quotes because it is saying cigars can be just cigars, but to someone else they may be more then just what they are and this is true of Literature. Some people see literature as it is, other see it as more then literature, they see it as a field of study, or a means to life. I really like reading through the chapters because I am learning that there are different ways to look at things then what I had originally thought. There is always more then one right idea, and more then one way to do things, especially with English Literature.

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Good point, Andrea. Yes, there are many different arguments that you can successfully make with any text, though of course some will be more convincing than others. The unsuccessful arguments will be the ones without any textual support, which is of course what we are practicing when we blog or do close reading exercises.

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Angela Palumbo:

I agree with you. I thought of this quote as saying something more like in literature, sometimes things are just what they seem. I don't always think that the author had some meaning behind a "yellow suit" or a "cigar." Some meanings might be just what they seem on the surface even though there may be other interpretations that are more involved. The author may have not intended them, but regardless they are there and we as the reader are entitled to make of it what we want.

Greta Carroll:

There was a similar quote to that one that I picked from chapter 1: ““Moreover, is every trip really a quest? It depends. Some days I just drive to work—no adventures, no growth. I’m sure that the same is true in writing. Sometimes plot requires that a writer get a character from home to work and back again” (Foster 6). It’s the same idea, the author may have intended the cigar to represent more, but then again maybe he didn’t. Foster stresses this point so that we, as inexperienced readers, do not over-read everything. He wants us to be aware that it could be more than it seems, but he does not want us assuming everything is. He does not want us going around making ridiculous claims. We have to find the balance between finding more, and just searching for symbols that can’t really been proven to exist.

Kayley Dardano:

This part of the text also stuck out to me. Sometime things are not what they seem but sometimes they can also be over analyzed for example, Going to the store is not always an adventure, you get what you need an leave. Just like when someone says something just to please you for example, I like your shirt are they just looking to complement your or do they really like your shirt. We deal with this struggling concept in our every day lives.

Jessie Farine:

I agree, different people see things in different ways. It makes life more exciting and creative. It also leads to good discussions.

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