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Ok so this is something I agree with......(Monteiro)

“Poem #690 profoundly questions the God who could allow his creation to suffer needlessly” (Monteiro 31).

It says that "Poem #690 profoundly questions the God who could allow his creation to suffer neeedlessly" but I think that that is not true at all. As God's creation we suffer because he once suffered for us. We are paying back what we had recieved so long ago. This is why I disagree with what is being said here. I mean God is not making us or letting us suffer its somethingt that just is, it just happens that way, it has to.


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Maddie Gillespie:

You make an interesting point. God/Jesus suffered for us, so we must suffer for him in turn. It's a system of give and take. However, what about those who don't follow Christianity? If one is beaten down at every turn, luck's just not with ya, and crap just keeps flowin' on down hill, one's gonna rail out against whatever one perceives to be controlling it all. Not everyone has the patience of a saint, or the fortitude. Some people are easily crushed while others seem as if mountains to the howling wind. I do agree with the last part of your blog, though. Life just is. If you take one day at a time, you might not be overwhelmed by the circumstances of the world.

Andrea, are you disagreeing that the poem questions a God who could allow his creation to suffer needlessly?

Whether you personally agree with the theological position that Monteiro says is taken by the poem doesn't really do anything to help us understand whether Monteiro's analysis is accurate or useful, or why this poem is worth studying in a literature class.

Erica Gearhart:

Andrea, I'm not sure if Monteiro is agreeing with Dickinson's ideas, she is just saying that this is what they are. Plus, she does not say that we should not suffer ever, she says that we should not suffer "needlessly." I think that Emily Dickinson was a reigious person, but perhaps she did not identify with the specific beliefs of one religion, which may make her ideas seem radical.

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