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"Shallow How Now........" (MWW Act 3)

"Shallow how now, master Parson. Good Morrow, Sir Hugh. Keep a gamester from his dice, and a good student from his book, and it is wonderful.” (MWW Act 3)

I choose this particular piece out of MWW because I understand where Sir Hugh is comming from, but you cant really stop somone from doing what they want. Sir Hugh seems to be a controling person, at least in my perspective, from what I have seen anyway. My view on him may change as the story progress, but for now I am thinking he is a "control freak" :)


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Tiffany Gilbert:

I like how you are categorizing characters because once you get to know a character, they can change in actions and catch you of guard doing something unexpected, which really makes an awesome turn of events when you're reading deep.
I compared Mrs. Page and Mrs. Ford to the Desperate Housewives of Wisteria lane. Their schemes and plots remind me of the women in the show, but you never know how any turn of event will affect the play's outcome...it may be what you least expect.

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