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"The River"...........(Flannery O'Connor)

After reading Flannery O'Connor "The River", I thought about what the story meant to me and basically I kept thinking about one thing .....God. As crazy as that sounds, I feel that in this story, Flannery O'Connor was trying to make a point that the only value in life at this time period was to have the grace of god in your life. There are references to god all through "The River" and to me it seems more like a reference then anything else, in my opinion I feel that this could also be tru for today as well. Having god, the grace of god, in your life is an important stress reliever and a good way to get you through hard times. As said by one student at the praise and worship meeting, we need to "let god be incontroll of our lives" and ""don't ask how can I do this, let god help you he wants to be there beside you in everything". God was a big part of life then and he is still a big part of life now and with the two comparisons above thats plain and easy to see.


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It's certainly not crazy to think of God when you're reading a Flannery O'Connor story! O'Connor also writes about the absence of God -- note that The Misfit, Bevel, and Mr. Shiftlet all seem restless and almost haunted. It wouldn't make a very good story if the protagonist wasn't somehow suffering or facing adversity, but O'Connor doesn't go for the easy solution, because she's more intersted in making us think than in offering quick and easy answers to spiritual questions.

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