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This is very true__(Foster Pg. 97)

"Is that a symbol ?. Sure why not........What does it stand for ?.........What do you think ?. Seriously what do you think it stands for, because that's probably what it does. " (Foster Pg. 97)

I liked this quote because its basically saying that if something is a symbol and you want to know what that symbol means, it probably means what you are thinking it does and thats absolutley right. I liked the approach foster took on this perspective he is making the reader think, o ok, so finding the meaning for a symbol should be easy and it is and thats what message I ma getting from what I read. Foster is trying to show the reader that "ya I know its hard but look at it this way and it makes it a little easier", which at first is not something I noticed right away, but after reading that paragraph 3 times I picked up on what foster was trying to get the reader to do and what he was trying to have the reader understand.


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Angela Palumbo:

That's a good observation. Way to get inside the author's head. Also, I liked how you said that you read it three times. Sometimes, you just have to humble yourself and say, "I really didn't fully understand that so I'm going to reread it."

Deana Kubat:

that is something that i like about english though. since we are all individuals and think differently so each person can have a different idea about what a symbol means or if something is even a symbol.

I like that Foster allows us, as the readers, to make something a symbol whether the author intended it to be one or not. That is the great part of studying literature, being able to create new perspectives on the work that others (including the author) may not have even thought of.

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