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This made me wanna scream sort of lol ..............(Foster Pg. 89)

"Violence is everywhere in literature.........the violence has to have some meaning beyond mere mayhem."

yeah ok, first of all I didn't agree with the first statement "violence is everywhere in literature" I decided it was all in how you looked at it, untill I read on and noticed foster had good points and reasons for this statement and then at the end foster said "the violence has to have some meaning beyond mere mayhem" and that I do agree with. Literature writers put violence in their stories and shows for a reason, if you notice people say "O I don't like violence" ya they say that but yet they still watch it and read it practically everyday, so what does that tell you ? That violence may be a key hook in keeping a readers interest because as much as someone may dis like violence, they keep watching or reading it for the suspense of it all because they want to know "what happens next". Its a natural human reaction to watch a fight and do nothing because you want to know whats next. So thats why I basically choose this quote because I half agreed with it and half didn't agree. It caught my eye, kept my interest and definitley made me want to argue with foster haha :)


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Angela Palumbo:

First of all, this title made me wanna read it sort of lol. No really, great title and now on to my point. What you said was dead on about violence keeping you intrigued. When I read your comment, I automatically associated it with the book Native Son by Richard Wright. Native Son was on out outside reading list last year. I typically like happy, bubbly cute stories with bunnies (not getting run over by tanks) but what made Native Son worth reading was the violence that kept it oh so very interesting. How much more violent can you get than a man stuffing a girl in a furnace and when he can’t get her whole body in, he cuts off her head. Then later he kills his girlfriend after he rapes her. The story was somewhere around 300 pages but the violence made it so interesting. The authorities were in hot pursuit of Bigger the whole story. The reason for his violence was the injustice of the way he was treated by the white people. His first killing, which happened to be an accident, was of a white girl who treated him fairly. He did not know what to do or how to take her. He thought that he could anticipate her moves and when she acted differently, he panicked and she died. The story is really about race but violence is an effective tool used to keep us reading.

Angelica Guzzo:

I found it intereting that you brought up that violence in literature keeps the reader interested, even if they are disturbed by it. I hadn't thought of that but i can now see your point. Great insight.

Stephanie Wytovich :

I think violence is a key point in literature, and adds to the suspense and need to continue reading. It supports a main conflict, leading to a resoultion that often deals with the protagonist overcoming an obstacle.

I think violence keeps things interesting in literature. Like with a life-or-death situation, violence can bring the best or the worst out in a character, and that makes the literature more interesting for the reader. Like you said, it keeps the reader wanting to know what's going to happen and I think keeping the reader interested is the most important thing in the story.

Juliana Cox:

I enjoyed your insight because in quote i also talked about violence. I did not agree that violence is in all liteature but then I looked at it as if violence was anything that could hurt someone mentally or physically.

I agree that violence can be used to keep the reader's interest. I also think though, that violence can be used as a cause and effect. For example, if Juliet's cousin Tybalt had never killed Romeo's friend Mercutio, then Romeo would have never killed Tybalt. That is an essential part of the story. Certainly, it keeps the reader interested, but it is a key part of Shakespeare's tragedy Romeo and Juliet.

Kayley Dardano:

I think that violence is a key aspect to most papers and adds a lot to a paper, but its not necessarily the only thing that keeps you hooked you can't just throw violence in any where. In oder for someone to be hooked, in order for it not to be mayhem the reader needs to know who is involved in the fight and why.

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