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March 25, 2008

The Displaced Person ........

After reading the short story "The Displaced Person" by flannery O'Connor I was sort of confused and I had a lot of questions as well. The mail thing was at the beginging of the story, the first thing you read is a woman of the country who has a peacock following her. On my first thoughts I was like what the heck, why is a peacock following her if she is living in the country. It made absolutley no sense to me at all and I read the story the rest of the way and I sort of got it nto really . Flannery O'Connor really does write some weird stuff, not gonna lie, but she does. Its weird in a good way though casue it keeps the readers attention throughout the whole time.

March 4, 2008

Epiphany.....(Hamilton 98-111)

"Epiphany: a sudden, overwhelming insight or revelation evoked by a commonplace object or a scene in a poem or a work of fiction." (Hamilton)

I saw this and thought to myself, hey, thats my favorite word lol Every time I hear or see the word Epiphany I think of my church and the celebration of an Epiphany of our lord and I think of Egypt too, and I dont know why lol. I just think it funny how a word can spark something that you would never expect it to spark in your mind lol.

March 2, 2008

This explains what being a teacher is all about.........(Lemire Pg. 23)

"To some of your students, whether you asked for the job or not, you are also a surrogate father or mother" (Lemire 23).

This quote has become a favorite quote for me and is something I believe to be very true as well because as a teacher, yes you are there to educate the children, but you also have to look after there well being while thye are in the school building which is like being a surrogate mother or father (depending on your gender) to them as well. Teachers are more then just professionals who pass along the required info to thier students, they are also mentors (being a motherly or fatherly figure as well).

I plan on teaching 3rd grade, and at that age, they think the world of their teachers. I dont know if any of you have ever had a talk with a 3rd grade child after school, but all they talk about is their teacher, and its always "my teacher said this" "my teacher did that" most children, especially the younger ones look up to their teachers for advice and I feel that all of this is like being a surrogate mother or father to the students you teach.

Being a teacher is great, but if you can be that teacher who teaches the students as a teacher and surrogate mother or father then you know you can really do your job.

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