After After Apple Picking

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I enjoy Frost's use of simple things and actions to show his thoughts about life. The art of picking apples seems to represent the speaker's dreams/aspirations he wished to accomplish throughout his life. The fact that the speaker is "...done with apple-picking now" represents that his life is coming to an end. He wished to do much with his life, or to harvest the "great harvest I myself desired." However, very few if any people accomplish everything they want to do with their life.

Frost's poems make me reflect on my own life the way that he reflects on his. This type of poem makes me want to assert myself more to harvest my own apples, before I'm too tired to do so.


Juli Banda said:

I also like how Frost uses simple things to I also like the fact that it shows us that everyone has their own apples to pick and it gives us motivation in a way to pick all the apples on the tree before we leave.

His poems also make me think of my own life in the way that he does and I hope that I can continue to pick my apples off the tree and be happy with what i accomplish.

Eddie Rodington said:

In Robert Frost's, After Apple-Picking, the apples he refers to are definitely the women in his life. In line 5, "Apples I didn't pick upon some bough," refers to the women he could not obtain. As for the narrator's long sleep, it clearly means the narrator is settled, and is no longer interested in "...load on load of apples," (l.26)

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