Racism at its finest

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The character of Tom in The Great Gatsby bothers me to no end. Besides the fact that he is unfaithful to his wife and hits his mistress, he is also quite the racist. On page 13 he talks of how whites are the dominant race and that "...we've produced all the things that go to make civilization-- oh, science and art, and all that." He truly is the epitome of stupidity, but gets away with it because he is intimidatingly strong, and also rich. Saying that the white race is responsible for science and art is like saying that the white race is responsible for the sun rising and setting, completely untrue and moronic.


Sue said:

I'm glad I'm not the only one that can't stand Tom, I actually brought up the whole racism issue too. I agree whole heartedly

Nikita McClellan said:

I completely agree! I dont know much about science to mention much about that, but I know for a fact that without ever single race on this planet that art would not be what it is today! A lot of African American cuture was based on art such as make pots. Americant Indians made jewelry and clothing. Both of these things which are still around today!Tom shows quite a bit of arrogance in his actions.
Though in that time period, Tom would be the norm and it was accepted, I agree that it still does not make it any better. He is an absolute horrible man.

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