Politics in writing

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I enjoy Foster's take on some political writing. He says that "political writing I personally dislike is programmatic, pushing a single cause or concern or party position, or it's tied into a highly topical situation that doesn't transfer well out of its own specific time and place" (110).  I personally cannot stand politics, because to me I do not think I can trust much of what I read or see. From what I have seen most of this type of material is based heavily of misleading statistics and slandering the other side of the argument. However, placing political messages into novels helps to show the author's point through a structured world, but generally does not overload the reader. My favorite book is Catch 22. This book strikes out at the leaders of the military and shows, through much exageration, how ridiculous leaders can be. I feel this book points out the flaws of those in power much greater than a straightforward bashing of certain individuals could. Plus, it is timeless.


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