Quick Rebeginnings

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I was surprised by just how quickly Gatsby and Daisy reunited their relationship. For how nervous Gatsby seemed and how controlling Tom seems I did not think Daisy would just completely fall for him instantly. The way the story went it seemed inevitable that something would happen between the two of them, but not at the pace at which it did. I honestly envisioned most of the rest of the book to be Gatsby trying to convince Daisy to come back to him and eventually have a dramatic standoff between him and Tom before anything happened between the two of them. Only a half an hour after they first see each other again, on page 89, Nick enters the room by "making every possible noise in the kitchen, short of pushing over the stove--but I don't believe they heard a sound. They were sitting at either end of the couch, looking at each other as if some question had been asked, or was in the air, an every vestige of embarrassment was gone. Daisy's face was smeared with tears, and when I came in she jumped up and began wiping at it with her handkerchief before a mirror." This quick rekindling just struck me at first as shocking.


Rosalind Blair said:

The quickness of their newly rediscovered romance was a bit shocking. If Daisy had not been in such need of an escape from her relationship with Tom, Gatsby would have had a much harder time getting her to fall for him all over again. I also think it is ironic how easily she ended things with him again, right after the car crash. This had gotten rough with Tom so she sought after an escape with Gatsby. When things then got rough with Gatsby - she ran away from that situation as well, and back to Tom. I feel that this was because, after the crash, a relationship with Tom, and being on his side, was safer than being associated with Gatsby. As with all her relationships, Daisy continued to think only of herself.

Rebecca Marrie said:

I too found, at first glance, the rapid face at which the relationship took form rather shocking. However, since their relationship did actually begin many years ago, it isn't quite as odd as it appears on the surface. Time strengthens love, regardless of the circumstances surrounding it.

Rachael Sarver said:

I agree with you 100%. The text talks about Gatsby pining for Daisy all those years, but it never said that Daisy did the same. She did get married after all. So it's incredible that she fired up this old relationship despite her marriage, and probably the changes in their personalities that occurred over time. I think that Daisy was just bored. I think that Gatsby gave her something to do.

Marie vanMaanen said:

I didn't really pay much attention to it at first, but I think you are right. It did not take long for Daisy and Gatsby to reunite. While Gatsby was definitely totally enthralled by Daisy ever since he'd first met her, I don't know that Daisy ever really loved Gatsby back in the same manner. I think the reason she was so excited and completely taken by Gatsby so suddenly when they met now is because it gave her a chance to return to the past. When Daisy was younger, young men used to call on her constantly. She was very popular; Jordan even says she looked up to Daisy when she was younger. Now Daisy is married to Tom who cheats on her constantly. It seems like it would be very tough for Daisy to go from being adored to being neglected. Being with Gatsby again though made Daisy feel special and more like her old self.

Julianne Banda said:

I agree with you. I also thought that they got back into the relationship faster than i expected they would have. Like you said, Tom is very controlling and it is surprising that Daisy would in a way disobey him so easily. But, it is also ironic because Tom is cheating on Daisy and Daisy knows about it.

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