Devil's Advocate

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I really enjoy Robert Lowell's poem "Robert Frost", because it just seems like an intellectual game of devil's advocate. Just for clarification, "playing devil's advocate" is in a way taking the opposite side of an argument just for the sake of argument. The poem ends by saying

"And I, "Sometimes I'm so happy I can't stand myself."
And he, "When I am too full of joy, I think
how little good my health did anyone near me.""

Besides the fact that I enjoy interactions between poets who become friends, I like how Frost turns the tables in a witty way. I would not think when I was happy how useless I am to those around me as a means to regulate myself. I would hope that the poem was taken from an actual conversation between the two men.



Annamarie Houston said:

I really enjoyed this poem too but I really like how you connected them through a conversation. I simply imagined Lowell reading Frost's poem and creating an argumentative poem.

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