Great attention getter

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Everything about the first couple pages of this play just seemed to me like an old 50's commercial or television show that is far more stereotypical of the time period. It also seems like what foreigners would think about Americans. Such as

 "Mr. and Mrs. Antrobus' daughter is named Gladys. She'll make some good man a good wife some day, if he'll just come down off the movie screen and ask her" (9)

Besides that every young woman wants to marry movie stars we have the stereotypical young boy who's good at throwing things (which probably means good at sports), the mother that will do anything for her children, even killing the entire world if necessary, and an entrepreneurial father who is the "master" of the house. This ridiculous setting helps to set that the rest of the play will be ridiculous.

When writing papers we are always told to start out with an attention getter, and the first act, even the first few pages really make the audience want to continue on with the rest of the play.


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