Internet discussions worthwhile, who knew?

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This is a brief overview of my blog entries thus far. It entails blogs that simply fulfill the requirements, blogs that were on time, blogs that sparked discussion between my peers, blogs in which I put forth more of an effort, and my comments on my peer's blogs that had a positive effect. I had not thought before this class that blogs could be used in such a productive and enriching way.

- Here are a few blogs in which I quoted the work and used a TrackBack to the course website

Politics in writing
Okie Tendencies
One story? C'mon

Timeliness - Here are some examples of blogs posted on time or early

Frost's Deception
After Apple Picking
Racism At It's Finest

Interaction- Here are some blogs that sparked discussion among my peers

Quick Rebeginnings
Hot Dog!
One story? C'mon

Depth- Here are the blogs which took the most time, and have the most thought put into them

Frost's Deception
Hot Dog!
One story? C'mon

Discussion- Here are comments on my peer's blogs that helped spark discussion

Aja Hannah
Nikita McClellan - Not only does this contain a comment, but part of the actual blog uses a blog of mine as a reference.


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