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"Henri. inhales, exhales: Let me tell you what's on my...
Felix, now a certain anxiety beings to seep out more openly: Yes! Go ahead, what is it?...Isn't that cap too hot?
Henri: It helps my arthritis." (9)

I enjoy Miller's use of this little play-writing technique that I've often seen. I'm not very familiar with theater, but I mean constantly telling the speaker to speak, but interrupting him while doing so. It just made me want to know what he is talking about, instead of just saying it.

Besides this, I do like how modern everything feels. Felix definitely has a politician kind of vibe with his complete hatred for Henri in private, but puts on a good face and pretends he is his best friend. The first chapter really made me want to keep going.



Alicia Campbell said:

I agree that this technique made me want to keep reading. But to your comment that Felix has a politician kind of vibe, I would add that everyone probably has a bit of politician in him in this sense. Everyone, at one time or another, has probably smiled in the faces of those they secretly loathed, or have hidden their actual motives, some moreso than others:it is a defense mechanism, a tool for survival. Although it is an unfortunate rule, it does exist, and it makes the world go around: make it to the top, no matter who you have to step on to get there. Since this principle is so prevalent, it allows us to relate to the work, and incorporate it into our unique situations.

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