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Amanda [To her son]:
Honey, don't push with your fingers. If you have to push with something, the thing to push with is a crust of bread. And chew-chew! Animals have secretions in their stomachs which enaable them to digest food without mastication, but human geings are supposed to chew their food before they swallow it..."

I find it interesting that Amanda is shown as a typical mother throughout the first half of this play. From scene one through scene 5 she is constantly a high -strung and emotional person. She's very moody and often takes out her frustration on Tom or Laura.

To be a mother during the depression is hard enough, let alone being a single mother with two grown children to provide for. She constantly questions Tom about what he's doing at night (just like a "good" mother). She also is constantly looking out for the betterment of her children, especially when she makes the wish on the moon for her children to both find hapiness. She also looks out for Laura and is eager to help her find a caller.

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