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Amanda: I'm sick too-of your nonsense! Why can't you and your brother be normal people? Fantastic whims and behavior!

Okay, up to this point I had a little sympathy for Amanda. In this quote she totally says that her children aren't asnormal and she is. I think that Tom and Laura seem to be pretty down to earth up to this point in the play and Amanda is the one always having panic attacks. She is trying to make her daughter into something she's not, and she is trying to make Tom into what she wants him to be as well. Once again, Williams uses irony. I'm starting to believe that irony is one of an author's most powerful tools. Using ironic incident's like that really capture a reader's emotions and that really gives power to an author.

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At this point I still do have sympathy for Amanda. I feel that she is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Amanda has no control over her life and if she had a choice, she would not want Tom around. In the play, it does not state how old Tom is, but imagine living with your mother when you are in your twenties. Tom does not want to listen to Amanda and Amanda still feels like she has the right to complain and nag Tom because he is still living with her, regardless of who is paying the bills. When Amanda said the quote that you mentioned above she felt upset and I can put myself into her shoes because I understand how it feels to feel that the world is against you. I do think Amanda is sick, she may be sufferign from a depression of some sort. True, she should not speak to her children the way that she does at times, but she also is talking to two grown adults, who should be able to take insults at times, especially from their mother.

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