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So I've made some progress on my term project: a website dealing about Writing information. I basically ran with some of the ideas I had about including info about MLA and APA styles, writing thesis sentences, getting started with brainstorming ideas, and ESL tips. I entitled it The Write Direction. You can preview the progress I've made.

Before releasing it for public review I had a few ideas in mind. First I wanted to make sure I didn't have too much information on each page so that it's not overwhelming to the viewer. Having large blocks of text that stretch out across the screen is difficult for anyone to skim and focus on. Also, I was thinking of creating links to handouts and pages that will appear on the internal pages of my site. This will give the users printable access to information about writing that can be helpful.

Anne took a look at my website and gave me a few useful comments. She said that the text did indeed stretch out far across the page. She suggested that I should somehow created a margin on the right side as well as the left so that it condenses the text in the middle. She also suggested to make seperate pages for the MLA and the APA sections of the Incorporating Sources page. This was a great idea because having all on the same page is simply too much information for one person to have to sort through to get a quick answer.

I'm going to continue working on creating a easier-to-follow site with tips and informtion that is easier to read and skim. I'm basically taking one step at a time

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Hey, I need a bit of help. How did you make the picture as the background?

My banners weren't resizing and Jerz suggested taking them out so now my site is a little bland.

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