Group 1 Reactions: "News and I"

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Group 1 Reactions

Wendy: Wendy made a well-designed PowerPoint presentation for her project.  I liked how she incorporated her personal story about the news coverage of the events on September 11th, 2001, and how it shapes her current perception of the media.

Jen: Jen's take on the news was very interesting, as her experiences with a local newspaper remind us how flawed or inaccurate any type of news coverage can be.

Aja: Aja's presentation was unique in that she broke-down her daily news consumption.

Josie: I thought that it was very creative how Josie wrote a play about her admittedly lacking relationship with the news.

Mike: Mike's presentation was very insightful, that he didn't consider himself as much of a news buff, but shared with us his experiences of being in a foreign country and how being disconnected from world events effected him.

Michelle: I liked how Michelle incorporated many of the recent celebrity news in her presentation.  While many people don't view this as hard news, it often is what is reported on many news stations.

Greta:  I liked Greta's perceptions about newswriting vs. creative writing, and how she wrote a poem about newswriting for ironic effect.

Jeanine: Jeanine made an interesting news article for her project, an interview where she interviews herself about her relationship to the news.

Derek: Derek's project was very flashy, keeping in with the style of television news.

Malcolm: I liked how he talked more in-depth about how the negativity of news affects us all.  Nice Whodini reference too.

Diana: I liked how Diana made comic strips to illustrate how she relates to newspapers.

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