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Blogging for me has been a mixed experience so far.  I feel that blogging is useful for promoting discussion, in and out of class, and it is a great medium for sharing ideas.  But it is very time consuming to write on original blog, comment on someone else's blog, comment on people who have commented on your blog, and then comment on people who commented on the comments you left on other people's blogs.  I understand Dr. Jerz's sink-or-swim approach to blogging (and his class in general), but it has been a little hard to adjust to spending more time on blogging than I do for any of the work I do in any of my other classes.  While so far this has been a difficult experience, I believe that my experience with blogging overall has been a positive one, and I feel that I have a better understanding of news writing because of blogging.  I'm getting the hang of this blogging stuff in general too.


For the Coverage section, I responded to the human-interest article we read about Dr. Suess in Human Interest Gives us a Rare Glipse into the Human Condition, and how the article we read

For In-Depth section, in Technology and News: From Gutenberg to Google, I brought in my experiences as an audio engineer, as well as relevant information about an article I read outside of class, to the discussion about news layout.

For the Interaction section, I wrote a blog about writing at The Setonian, When Playing by The Rules Will Get You Far, which was commented on by one of my editors at the paper.

For the Discussion section, one of my blogs, "A man was killed on Friday, Police said he died on Friday," started a small discussion about repetition in News articles.

Most of the blogs I posted were done before class, but my article for Timeliness is the article I wrote the furthest before the deadline, "A man was killed on Friday, Police said he died on Friday."


            For The Comment Primo, I was the first to write a comment on April Minerd's blog entry Bite-sized News, that started a small discussion about bus plunge stories in the age of internet news.

            For The Comment Informative, I commented on Jessica Krehlik's blog entry Crunch Time News.  She had mentioned that she and other classmates of ours had never heard of a bus plunge story before, and I offered my thoughts on the possible reasons for that.

            For The Comment Grande, I commented on Kaitlin Monier's blog entry, Differences in plunging buses.  I talked about the reasons why some bus plunge stories take priority over other ones.


Bus Plunge: Illness or a Symptom?  I felt I analyzed the assignment for this blog entry better than I did for my other articles, and I brought some interesting insights into the discussion (although no one commented on it).

-Andrew Wichrowski

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