Technology and News: From Gutenberg to Google

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Reading Dr. Jerz's comment about the effect of digital technology on the job of layout editors made me think of an article I read about The Beatles recently.  John Lennon, unsatisfied with the mixes made for Strawberry Fields Forever, had his engineers take a recording from an earlier take in a different key and a different speed, and mix it with a more recent session.  While that was unheard of during that time (not to mention mind-numbingly complex), modern computer DAW recording programs can perform functions like those in as few as two clicks (if they don't do it automatically).


I don't need to explain the effect technology has had on how we live.  As few as 50 years ago, someone like the fictional character Dick Whitman could easily change his name to Donald Draper, without much of a problem.  Now, you can find more information you would ever want to know about someone in a few short keystrokes.  Technology, from graphic design programs to Google, has lead to great leaps and bounds in the effectiveness and ease of news writing.  It is interesting to think how technology will effect how news is written and consumed in the next few years.

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