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My Wii just doesn't get much use these days.  I often have more pressing things to do, and I don't get hyped up too much about a lot of games that have been recently been released.  However, I do have a soft-spot for 2D games, and much of the space on my Wii's Virtual Console is reserved for classics like Super Metroid and Donkey Kong Country 2.

So I was drawn to Wired's review of New Super Mario Bros. Wii, a multiplayer update of Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  I have been looking forward to this game for a while, since it's simple, familiar design lends itself to competitions with friends involving inebriants.

But I liked how the website used links within the article.  Instead of simply explaining every obscure reference, or just linking to every video game, the article struck a balance.  The article explained more relevant information instead of just linking, and less relevant information was just linked to instead of taking away from the article to explain it.

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