Pittsburgh's Northside and News-Writing Math

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Today in class, we were given a lesson in "news-writing math," as described by our instructor.  This consisted of useful information, such as averaging salaries and calculating the size of a crowd.  We worked in small groups, and we were encouraged to discuss our results.

In several questions, we were asked to compare the numbers of crimes in two different cities.  I mentioned to my group how when I attended CCAC, one of my instructors explained how crime rates are calculated.  He mentioned that depending on how the area was divided, the area around the campus of the school had the highest rate of crimes in Pittsburgh.  Because so few people lived in the area, if any crime occurred, the number of incidents per capita skyrocketed.

That being said, the Northside is far from a pleasant place.  One evening during the first week I was there, while trying to find short-cuts for my morning commute, I saw a young adult with a back-pack lying face-down on the ground by the nearby Elementary school.  There was an emergency medical unit there, but they didn't seem to be in a hurry, so the victim was likely dead.  There were also about four shootings (that I can recall) in the nearby area during the year I spent there.

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