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While I would not say that blogging is easy for me, I find that it isn't as time consuming as it used to be.  I would often fret over what I was going to write, spending more time thinking than actually writing.  But the blogging process has helped me engage with the lesson, so I usually have at least an idea for a topic to write about, if not a plan for a whole blog already written in my head.  But even though blogs can be turned in anytime before (and even after) class, I am making a greater effort to complete blogs well before the class so I can get more comments and interactions with my blogs.  I found that in the beginning of this class that news-stories are always easier than the blogs, but now blogs aren't the chore for me that they used to be.


For the Coverage section, I blogged for all of the assignments, including:

"Editorials" - The Ideal v. Reality

"Haiman 1-16" - The Importance of Race Representation in the News

"Haiman 17-28" -
"Some people say..."

"Haiman 29-42" -
...Me Either

"Sample Investigative Reports" -
"If your mother says she loves you..."

"Haiman 43-56" -
The Effects of Race Representation in the News

For the In-Depth
section, I connected a passage from the reading to my personal experiences about the perceptions people have about race in The Importance of Race Representation in the News.


For the Interaction section, I found that the content of an editorial that the instructor wrote went against some of the guidelines provided for editorial writing, which I discussed in The Ideal v. Reality.  The blog sparked some in-class discussion, as well as more discussion on the blog's comments section.


For the Discussion section, "If your mother says she loves you..." garnered an on-line response from the instructor.

Although The Importance of Race Representation in The News, "If your mother says she loves you", and The Effects of Race Representation in the News were submitted on time, all of the blogs failed to get a response in a Timely manner.  I actually wanted to discuss some of those blogs with my classmates, but I didn't get the chance to.


For the Comment Primo, I commented on Richelle Dodaro's blog I like this.  I drew similarities between her post and mine.


For the Comment Informative, on Matt Henderson's blog, Homosexuals have more fun!, I talked about The New York Times and some of the ways that they cover the gay community.

For the Link Gracious, I was inspired by, and linked to, Jessie Krehlik's I'm not looking forward to this... in my blog ...Me Either.


For my
Wildcard, I shared an observation I noted in a small group I was a part of in class for the whole class to read in Pittsburgh's Northside and News-Writing Math.

-Andrew Wichrowski

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