Is this actually about fairness, or how they look in the newspaper?

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In Greta Caroll's article, she stresses the importance of being open-minded.  However, I have found that while writing my news articles, a small number of my subjects have complained about how they were represented.  I followed all of the rules of news writing, and I made sure to give them enough room for their voice, but they still found fault with the articles.  One even implied that my article was inaccurate, but I didn't get any specific information wrong, it was rather that my article didn't have the slant that they wanted for themselves.

So when I hear that "elected and appointed office holders" have complaints about news writers, I take it with a grain of salt.  There are no real facts or statistics directly relevant to the subject, just the assumption that news writers have preconceptions about their stories. I think I can recall Rod Blagojevich saying that there wasn't really a story when the investigation about him was made public.  It is important to remain fair and balanced, but that might not always put you or your subjects in the best light.

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