Live Nudes at Harvard

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When I read the Harvard Crimson online, I first noticed that the articles were very well written.  My experience with student newspapers from elite and top-tier colleges (in particular CMU's The Tartan, as well as others) is that the tone can be condescending, and that the writers will often break the basic news-writing rules (such as the five w's and the inverted pyramid).  One of the senior staff members at the Tartan (I can't remember the position) recently wrote an article that I got so frustrated with that I didn't even bother to finish reading it.  The article contained about 6 or 7 subjects in the first few paragraphs, and in the middle of the article, they introduced another person without stating who they were.  Another article was focused on how much more CMU students study, but didn't back up the claim with any statistics or quotes (because we're just supposed to know that they work harder than the rest of us).

As far as the layout, while I thought it could use some work to be more appealing and eye-catching, it was very well put together.  I like how the text size and color is different for each part of the online article, so that the link, by line, publication date are easy to distinguish from each other.  One thing I think would be good is to separate the blogs from the news.  The links to the blogs look like links to older stories on most news websites, and after I clicked on a link pertaining to Harvard's newest pornographic publication, I didn't realize I was reading a blog until I read that it would contain "basically all of the nudity without that stupid artsy shit [of the old magazine]."

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