Conformity is for weaklings

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"'I've decided,' began Bernice without preliminaries, ' that maybe you're right about things--possibly not.  But if you'll tell me why your friends aren't--aren't interested in me I'll see if I can do what you want me to.'" 

   Here Bernice reveals her obvious lack of self-confidence.  She does not think that she is good enough to fit in with the rest of society, however she is wrong.  By asking her cousin what to do to make others like her, she makes the decision to give up her identity and change who she is.  Immediately when I read this, I became disappointed because berNICE seems like such a NICE person.  By the end of the story, she becomes just like her cousin.  The shedding of her hair is like the shedding of her innocence and individuality and by the end, she stoops down to Majority's (opps...I meant Majorie's) level and seeks revenge.




Angela, I'm glad to see your blog is working fine. I see that you've also linked from the course page to this one. That's some clever wordplay with the names, which suggests you're already reading a like a professor. Names are significant, but an argument supported totally by puns is weak; you have used the names appropriately in your agenda item, as additional support for ideas that would already stand up on their own. Good work.

For future agenda items, it would be great if you could also identify what your quote is, and even include a link from the agenda item back to the course page, so that someone who comes across your page would have a better idea of what you're talking about.

Ally Hall said:

I didn't really pay attention to the names and I never thought about what they could mean, so thank you for pointing that out. Now that you did, I really do see where you're coming from and it helps me strengthen my argument because I too believe that Bernice was lowering herself and her own views just to gain acceptance by Marjorie's friends, and then only stoops to Marjorie's level by chopping off her hair at the very end.

Stephanie Wytovich said:

Wow. I LOVED your agenda item!!!! I would have never noticed the wordplay in the names. The relevance to the story is amazing. Good job :)

I agree with what you're saying about conformity though. If everyone wants to be like everyone else, then how will anything different come along. I think that it's the people that are unique that are the most beautiful. No one should ever change their standards to appeal to someone else, because in the end, you're only lying to one person. Yourself.

Juliana Cox said:

I am in total agreement with Stephanie by saying, "Wow. I LOVED your agenda item!!!!" When I was reading I did see the word nice in Burnice's name but did not think much of it. Now that you also related Majorie's name to majority I feel that the names have significant meaning. When people vote the majority wins, and in this story Majorie wins because she changes Burnice into someone that her original self would not like. Majorie wins both her popularity back and Warren without losing anything including her friendship with Burnice because she didn't like Burnice to begin with so it was a win-win situation for her. Overall, I feel it is very important to have your own indiviualality and just because the majority of people think something is right, doesn't make it right!

Erica Gearhart said:

Angela, I love this idea! I would never have so deeply analyzed the characters' names. The fact that you associate Marjorie with "Majority" is very interesting. You have creatively identified her as Fitzgerald's symbol for the conformity that is imposed by society. I also agree that Bernice would have been better off if she would have just accepted her individuality and let it shine for everyone to see.

Deana Kubat said:

The scary part is is that i thought the same thing about identity and being lost within the crowds of people. you brought up a good point though, isn't it scary though to think that a person's identity can be lost by just trying to fit in and changing who you are in general?

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