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This entry is another Double Feature so hold on to your socks people, you're in for a wild ride!  These quotes are from Lynne Truss's Eats, Shoots & Leaves.


    a) "I hope that by now you are already feeling sorry for the apostrophe" (46).

    b) "Of course it should be St Thomas's Hospital.  Of Course it should.  The trouble is that institutions, towns, colleges, families, companies and brands have authority over their own spelling and punctiuation (which is often historic), and there is absolutely nothing we can do except raise an eyebrow and make a mental note" (58).

First, I have to blow off some steam.  I have to admit, while reading this I had many random outburst of "Oh my gosh!  It's really not that big a deal!"  I'm not saying that I don't think grammar is important, I do, but there are some people in the world who aren't taught extensive grammar skills.  I seriously have not been taught grammar since like 5th grade.  Yes, I have received some instruction but my teachers have not really gone into depth with it.  I think that each teacher thought that we just knew so they only did a brief overview.  Teachers also know that students do not really like learning grammar and terms so some just don't teach it.  I will admit, it's boring!  Quote "a" along with some other outrageous and over-dramatic quotes stuck out to me.  My reaction to Truss's above comment was "Hardly.  An apostrophe is an inanimate object woman!"  I chose quote "b" because she contridicts herself really.  She said above that grammar books can't make up their minds about whether it is really "Keats' poems" or "Keats's poems" but then she says she's bothered by when people misuse it.  Obviously, all the grammar people need to get together and decide what the heck we should do and here's a hard concept, STICK TO IT!  Honestly, Truss needs to get over herself and maybe she would enjoy life a little more.

Ok...I feel better now that that's off my chest!  Time to move on to my next quote.


"Elton John, a friend of the Beckhams', said last night...I mean to say, why do those sweet little Beckhams need to possess Elton John twice?" (60).

I never thought of this and it is a good point.  I did not know that you could make something possessive twice and I really like her explanation and motivation to look it up when she did not know what the rule was.  "A friend of me" completely sounds stupid, "A friend of mine" is definately correct.  Even though Truss makes me angry, she does know what she is talking about.


Small tangent for Dr. Jerz or anyone who might know off hand, is it really acceptable to leave the period off of Dr.?  If so, I missed the notice.  If you check out this site, it says it is ok but I don't believe it!


Angela, it's British style to leave off the period in titles such as Dr or Mr, but in America we do include it.

I'm glad to see that Lynne Truss is getting a reaction from you. I do in fact carry around a camera and I do take pictures of mistakes on signs, but I only rarely correct them myself. (It wasn't me who changed the sign on the chapel door from "Chapel is Close" to "Chapel is Closed.")

Angela Palumbo said:

lol that's funny because I did want to change that sign but someone beat me to it. But I did change one of the Basetball signs to BasKetball because it irked me so much. I don't like stupid mistakes like that one which could be fixed by a simple proof reading although they do happen from time to time.

By the way, I just got the joke in your headline. It made an amusing Lynnk.

1) Trusst and clever, you two make me laugh.
2) I understand that it seems pointless, and that many of us have not had many grammar lessons after the fifth grade, but really, doesn't it DRIVE YOU INSANNNNNNNE when signs are incorrect????? (Sorry for the dramatic question-marking after that one.)
3) I love taking pictures of signs that are clearly dumb. Yay! I'm just like Jerz...whoa.

Angelica Guzzo said:

I agree that teachers give up on grammar. I think correct grammar is extemely important. I am a stickler for correct grammar. check out my blog

Stephanie Wytovich said:

WOW, this entry and the comments really made me laugh. I have to admit, I'm pretty laid back when it comes to grammar. If I don't know how to use something correctly, I probably will just revise whatever I'm writing.

Oh, and the sign thing gets me too.haha

Jeanine O'Neal said:

I can definitely sympathize with Truss on this one. Many times I have gone up to signs and fixed them. I distinctly remember a poster hanging in my history classroom that was supposed to offer words of encouragement. It said, "Never Never Give Up." The double negative essentially makes the comment read "Give Up" because the nevers cancel each other out. I covered up the "n" in the second never to make it say "Never Ever Give Up," but my illiterate history teacher got pissed off and took down my cover-up.

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