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   So, this semester is pretty much over and it is time for our last blog entry, our third portfolio!  This is the part of the semester where I come clean about my feelings.  When we were first required to blog, I thought it was one of the weirdest and dumbest things I've ever been required to do.  I do have different feelings about it now, though.  It gave me the opportunity to express my opinion somewhere, even if not in class.  Also, I can bettter express my ideas on paper than through conversation because I get more time to think it through.  I found myself enjoying writing blog entries and reading other people's responses.  Don't get me wrong, some blog entries were dull and boring, Hamilton mainly, but others were great!  I wouldn't be surprised if I continue to blog over the summer- I plan on reading the rest of the Ender's series.  So without further ado, my third, AND LAST, portfolio for EL150!

Previous Portfolios:

-A Journalism major could come up with a better title!

-Portfolio 2:I've Grown!



~My Stream of Consciousness is shallow. is my attempt at writing blank verse.  It is linked back to the course webpage and was turned in days before the due date.

~She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy...She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy discusses the importance of the refrain.

~Emotionally Disconnected simply discusses Vivian's inability to admit being in pain.


~A fun blog entry! (I do love my exclamation point!) is an interesting blog entry which lets you get inside my mind a little about exclamation points and Charlemagne!

~Just READ IT and you'll see! is just a fun entry!  I got words from urbandictionary.com and talked about their usage in ever day speech.


~Clowns and Literature Don't Mix! inspired discussion about Richard Wright, interrupting yourself in writing and clowns.  Three people had things to say.

~In Good Company is just a short entry that attracted a lot of attention.  The secret to getting responses, writing short entries.

~I DO like green eggs and ham! descibes my love of the book and sparked a lot of conversation!

~Three Cheers for MLA Works Cited Lists!-The purpose of this entry was to assist myself and my peers with writing our final papers, as a sort of reference.  Even though I only received two comments on it, I would like for my peers to be aware of at least the fact that the back of Hamilton tells you how to write a works cited list.


 ~Ender's torture will never end! showcases some of my feelings about the book.  I go beyond the one required agenda item and actually wrote two.  I made an interesting observation in this entry.

~Ender's Ugly Transformation sparked a lot of thought and actually fits into my discussion section because I put a lot of time and effort into developing a good argument


~Guilty as Charged struck a chord with its readers because they could relate.  I specifically called out my usage of the phrase, "It is clear..." because I use it ALL THE TIME!  I'm going to avoid it now, though.

~Ender's Ugly Transformation sparked a lot of thought amongst my readers and actually inspired one of my peers, Erica Gearhart to write The End of Ender in response to my opinion that Ender became a killer.

~Angelica's entry really made me think about the play W;t and Edson's use of the flashback to showcase Vivian's personality.

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