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So these words are from urbandictionary.com:

1)  irregardless- without lack of disregard; Used by people who ignorantly mean to say regardless

-Tim Moynihan makes up a pretty good, funny case for the word (as he argues it is) irregardless.  I HIGHLY suggest reading his reasons why he thinks that irregardless is not only a word, but also, it is actually the "baddest-ass word of all time."

"It practices what it preaches: Irregardless of the rules of grammar, "irregardless" is a word. It's self-reflexive. It's the exception that proves the rule. It talks the talk and walks the walk. Is there another word like that? No, because "irregardless" is bad-ass. It is a text-based Chuck Norris, roundhouse-kicking everything else in the dictionary into submission."

 *When I saw this word, I thought of a conversation I had with a friend about this word.  I didn't know this wasn't a word and when he informed me, I was surprised.  When I thought about it, it made perfect sense.  It's a double negative and redundant!  Why is it not taught in schools that this is not a word?

2)  ba donka donk- a large ass or boody. a nice big ass.

-This word makes me think of Trace Adkins's song

"Husslers shootin' eightball
Throwin' darts at the wall
Feelin' damn near 10 ft. tall
Here she comes, Lord help us all
Old T.W.'s girlfriend done slapped him out his chair
Poor ole boy, it ain't his fault
It's so hard not to stare
At honky tonk badonkadonk
Keepin' perfect rhythm
Make ya wanna swing along
Got it goin' on
Like Donkey Kong
And ooo-wee
Shut my mouth, slap your grandma
There outta be a law
Get the Sheriff on the phone
Lord have mercy, how she even get them britches on with that
That honky tonk badonkadonk"

 *I love this song, the video and the lyrics.  Never EVER did I think I would be writing a blog entry about this word or this song but I'm happy about it!  This is one of the funniest and, in my opinion, best country songs EVER!  It's hilarious because it's the hick version of the song "Moneymaker" by Ludacris (see word below.)  I think the video itself is just like a rap video complete with women shaking their behinds, slutty clothing (obviously they read up on how to release their inner sluts-see below) and your infamous over-sized rings that spell out words.  Trace Adkins has such a marvelous deep voice and he's a great businessman. (Yes, I did, in fact, watch The Celebrity Apprentice!)  The word badonkadonk is a great one because it makes me think of when I was a little kid and made up words.  It's such a catchy word and I think that it should definately go into the dictionary.

3) moneymaker- yet another word for butt, booty, or ass. Probably derives from Jennifer Lopez and her famous backside.

The song by Ludacris and Pharrel showcases this word:

Shake your money maker
Like somebody's bout to pay ya
Don't worry about them haters
Keep your nose up in the air

You know I got it
If you wanna come get it
Stand next to this money
Like - ey ey

*Gosh this song is such mind waste, but I know every word.  Great word, great song.  I personally think that it would derive from strippers being that their bootay could actually make them money.  I have indeed used this word in my everyday speech.  In fact, I have used all of these words.  Here's the video if you're interested.

4) breezy- the word breezy is a combination of the two words which describe a woman that is easy. The word "broad" (slang for a woman) is combined with the word easy creating the derogatory word "breezy."

-My example of this one is hilarious!  There is actually an article written by Margaret Mason which I intend on reading when I'm done with this page about-I kid not- "Releasing Your Inner Slut."

"You can’t be breezy if you’re limping. You know you’re going to be walking from bar to bar and dancing the night away, so don’t toddle along in ten-minute shoes. It will annoy everyone who has to wait for you to catch up. Save the spike heels for sedentary tête-à-têtes. Little kitten-heels, open-toed shoes, and sling-backs all have slut-appeal and they’re much kinder on your delicate arches."

*Oh, Penn Hills High School, I love you.  Yes, I was introduced to this word, as well as bouty, in high school.  Once again, I think it's a great word and I think that it should go into the dictionary.

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