Three Cheers for MLA Works Cited Lists!

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This will be useful.  I found it in Hamilton's Essential Literary Terms 263.


If a source does not number pages or paragraphs, follow the year with a period instead of a colon.  Some periodicals have dates; others have volume and issue numbers instead-volume 10, issue 3 should be listed as 10.3, following by the year (in parentheses).  See the following examples."


Author's Last Name, First Name. "Title of Article." Title of Periodical Date of Volume.Issue (Year): Pages pars.    Database. Database provider. Library. Day Month Year of access <URL>.

Bowman, James. "Moody Blues." American Spectator June 1999: 64-65. Academic Search Premier. EBSCO. Paul Laurnece Dunbar Lib., Wright State U. 15 Mar. 2005 <>. 


Note: I could not, for the life of me, figure out how to indent the second line of the examples.  I thought this would come in handy, so I figured this would make a great blog entry!  I always forget how to do a works cited in MLA style, especially for things as complicated as online periodicals.  I hope this helps everyone when we start our papers!


Doing a hanging indent in MovableType is possible, but not easy. As long as you remember that's how you're supposed to do it in your paper, it's OK with me if you fudge that part when you discuss MLA citations in your blog.

Angelica Guzzo said:

i have such a hard time with the work cited page. The book we got in STW really helps me.I go nuts with EBSCOhost articles. I normally have to go back and look at my previous papers. Sometimes it helps, but not always. What comes first?! What gets underlined?! Thank you for typing them out. It really helps to have an example to look at.

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