Freud Never Ceases to Make Me Blush

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Once again, instead of using Hamilton, I decided to pick a harder term/concept to define because I felt it would be more beneficial to the reader, as well as myself.

In Gilbert's and Gubar's article, "The Yellow Wallpaper," they mentioned the "dream symbolism by Freud" (261).  I immediately wanted to know what this was because for this week's paper, I wanted to use psycholanalysis. 

I found that Freud (I'm really not surprised) was messed up.  I base my interpretations of Freud off of  In a nutshell (which Freud would probably see as a female's womb or genital), it said that dreams could be used to indicate desires that may have appeared in the previous day.  His sybols were all sexual: pointy objects for mal genitals, hollow ones for female.  He also had sexual connotations which I do not feel comfortable talking about on my blog.  I think that it could be fun and possibly enlightening to analyse a work using this, which I may do.

Would you ever use Freud to analyze a work or is he too sick?  (He seems like he could beat Michael Scott in the ultimate "That's what she said" competition.)

Too much!  Take me back!



Derek Tickle said:

Okay, so since I will be presenting Gilbert and Gubar's article, I thought that it would be good to comment on a blog that involved this essay!

I think that Freud provides us with another great way in understanding a text or directing our criticism's in another way.

"The Yellow Wallpaper" uses a lot of psychological concepts in order to present the narrator as having a sickness or disorder.

Once again, is it because of John that she is sick and has dreams or is it because of the house (the house represents the overall symbol whether referring to it as a sexual object or not).

james lohr said:

Freud is messed up, and he was very interested in the sexual drives of us humans. In a way he is correct at least in the fact that sexual drive is one of if not the most important of our basic insticts. Without it, how would the species survive? It does seem unusual to think that well, basically according to freud, this seems to be the only reason we do anything. Thanks for looking this up ill use that website for my project.

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