What Good Is Literature?

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     Of course, just so you know, I'm not the one posing the question "What good is literature?"  It is a question I anticipate hearing when I get my first job teaching, and now I have yet another great answer. 

     Last night I went to see Azar Nafisi, the author of Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books.  She was enlightening and shared many intelligent ideas about stereotypes and literature.  When she said, that the only way we can respond to the "absoluteness of death" and "fickleness of life" is to show "evidence we have lived" through poetry and literature, my breath was taken away. 

     We have it here people, the much sought after Fountain of Youth.  Now if Ponce de Leon had realized this.  She made up my mind that it is one of the goals of my life to become a published author.  Dr. Nafisi's advice showed me, even more than I already knew, that "books clear the dust from our eyes" (Nafisi). 

     She's right if your think about it.  Some people just think that books are a novelty and are pointless, however, books are the key to the advancement of our culture.  We become acquainted with our past so that we can build on it to create the future.  It makes sense that Hitler burned books.  He wanted to destroy history and by doing so, destroy hope.  He was trying to isolate the people and make them ignorant of all things that could liberate them, take away their greatest possible weapon, their minds. Think of how much valuable literature was destroyed along with the countless lives.  Since then, we have written about such events in order to prevent them from ever happening again, so the cycle continues.

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