Whoodle point?

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Throughout her essay, Elizabeth Wright mentions the "nodal point" several times.  I had no idea what she was talking about so I checked it out on google and found that a nodal point is actually a point in a camera where light rays converge.  Also, on dictionary.com it said that a nodal point was "either of two points on the axis of a lens or other optical system, determined by extending an incident oblique ray and the corresponding refracted ray to the axis for the pair of rays that are parallel outside the optical system."

One of the sentences in Wright's essay said, " Finally, here is a remarkable passage which combines the text's literary and psychoanalytic status.  It is a nodal point..." (398).  It makes sense that she used the term "nodal point" because she's talking about a point where multiple rays, in this case literary ideas, meet and are focused.  Clever. 

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Jenna said:

That is very clever and metaphorical.

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