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Yesterday, I went to see Ghosts of Girlfriends Past with my boyfriend.  I wanted, as a little extra thing for my blogging portfolio to comment on the movie, review it if you will.  If you are thinking about seeing the movie, read this and you can decide if it is truly for you and I'll try to keep those spoilers out of it!  :)

The movie opens up with Matthew McConaughey (as Connor Mead, the great photographer of the barely clothed).  He has to go to his brother's wedding, something that he is strictly opposed to, especially when it interferes with his sleeping-around schedule.  When he gets to the wedding, he shares his skepticism for getting married with everyone he sees, including the bride and groom (his brother,Paul).  The audience is then taken through Connor's past, present, and future by ghosts (lead by Michael Douglass as Uncle Wayne) so Connor can see the error of his ways.

I would basically discribe this movie as yet another, perfect chick flick.  It begins when a character is missing something and by the end he has that and, the girl.  (I know I said no spoilers but when you go to see a chick flick you know you know the outcome.) 

As a person who has read and briefly studied A Christmas Carol, I actually really like what the movie did with the old classic.  Dickens' famous story was preserved well enough to not be offensive to the fan, but also separated enough to not be just a cheesy remake.  My favorite part happened to be when Mead threw open the doors on a snowy morning, after seeing all the ghosts (and his won grave) and asked a boy shoveling snow if it was Christmas morning.  The boy said, "No.  It's Saturday" and then Mead praises being alive some more.

Overall, I really liked the movie.  It has enough comedy to get a man through the movie without wanting to kill himself.  My boyfriend actually said that he liked the movie, although he though how all the women were crying in the theater was weird.  I would suggest, as a person who enjoys the occasional chick flick and loves romantic comedies, to go see this movie.  If you are anything like me, you'll laugh and cry.

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Derek Tickle said:

Great Job Angela!

This movie seems interesting, but since it's a chick flix, then I will probably end up going to see it with my girlfriend! :)

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