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On Thursday, as you all know, we had our last day of class.  I'm going to take some time to comment on each presentation.

Erica's and Jenna's group did an excellent job presenting on Pride and Prejustice.  The historical background was very helpful in understanding why Jane Austen set up the love story that she did.  My favorite part was the intertextual relationship they did on Pride and Prejustice and Zombies.  The slide show kept us all laughing and the background music was a wonderful touch.  I can tell that they really researched their stuff and worked hard.  And kudos to you for your creativity.

Bethany's and Ellen's presentation on "The Three Little Pigs" and variations was really cool.  The way they debated about which version was the original actually reminded me of the debates we read about in class pertaining to the variations on "The Yellow Wallpaper."  The youtube clips were a great addition.  They caught the interest of their audience and kept it by showing fun and exciting, but still pertinent, clips.  My favorite had to be the end clip.  I thought that you guys would also appreciate this clip of Christopher Walken reading (kind of) "The Three Little Pigs."  (His sweater is priceless.  I would have to describe it as unicorn puke.)

Kayley's and Mara's presentation was really interesting.  I never knew that The Boxcar Children was written by Gertrude Chanoller Warner and then, after she died, varioius anonymous authors.  Their presentation was an interesting comparison between authors.  It was kind of an interauthorial criticism.  The way you guys noticed the differences in language, roles and responsibilities, and illustrations was very astute.

Michelle's and James' presentation was also very good.   Being a fan of rap music, it was fun to see some of my coursemates criticize it.  By looking at "Gin and Juice" we really see the objectification on women.  As much as I enjoy it, it is a shame how rap continues to perpetuate negative views of women.  What I think is interesting is how rap's influence has seeped into other forms of music.  For example, listen to the song "Moneymaker" by Ludacris and then listen to "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk" by Trace Atkins.  They are practically the same song and the second song is country (what many believe to be rap's arch nemesis!).  Great job of picking apart this song!

Of course, as I mentioned in my portfolio, Greta and Katie did a wonderful job presenting what they did.  I know they worked hard and it showed by the way the students demonstrated their knowledge.  Also, Quinn and Sue did a great job talking about Salinger.  I loved the dialogue.  It was so funny!

Overall, I think that everyone did fabulous!  There was not one presentation I did not like.  I could tell that everyone worked really hard and each presentation was unique.  I also want to say that I enjoyed everyone in class.  I feel like we had a tight group.  I learned a lot from everyone.  I appreciate all the feedback on my blogs and the input everyone put into the class.  It was truly a pleasure.

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