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   I watched the 11 o'clock news on WTAE and was astonished by how much of the news was actually news.  I guess that today wasn't a "slow news day"...would that mean it was a "fast news day"?  Out of a half an hour program, roughly 21 minutes and 30 seconds was news.  That would be 71% of the news was news which is pretty good considering that there was probably about 7 minutes of commercials.  There was probably a minute of "stay right here on Channel 4 reporting" where they explained what stories were coming after the commercial break.  Then there was an additional 30 seconds of small-talk.  Not bad if you ask me.

   Most of the news tonight was local.  They talked about everything local from a car accident in Plum Boro to the Westmoreland fair.   Out of the roughly 20 stories, 17 were local.  The more national news incuded reporting about Michael Vick, the Ted Kennedy funeral, and the story about a woman found after being abducted when she was 11 back in 1991. 

   Overall, I think the news today was very efficient.  The reporters moved quickly from one story to the next, giving good and relevant information.



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