Making an Old Story New

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When reading the lead section of our assignment, I noticed the sentence that says that if "the fire [the story] itself is no longer news, your lead could emphasize some new element that makes the old story fresh" (Lead).  Upon glancing on the first page of the newspaper I couldn't help but notice Michael Jackson tucked in the bottom left-hand corner. 


My immediate thought was, "Oh my goodness, let the poor man go" but then I read the little blurb next to it that says, "The Los Angeles County coroner has ruled Michael Jackson's death a homicide, and a combination of drugs was the cause, an official says."  Now that little lead grabbed my attention enough to follow up and read (no rhyme intended).  This article serves to confirm the suspected hypothesis that Jackson was murdered.  This article is well done.

Did you think the article was well done?  Did you find any evidence of bias?


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