breakin da rulz

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                I really liked how Josie put this blog entry.  I may even dare to call it beautiful.  She is witty in her use of metaphors: “It is unlikely that someone whispered to e.e.cummings, ‘Hey, man, you forgot to capitalize, like everything…’”  I especially liked how Josie did not capitalize Cummings’ name just to go along with her point. 

                What I’ve learned by Josie’s blog is to not just go through the motions of blog writing.  Sometimes, because you have to write blogs so often, your entries go down in quality.  Here Josie shows that you don’t have to write a book but can make your few words very meaningful by applying the same techniques you talk about to your own writing right away. 

                When Josie mentioned that there are people who know all of the conventions before choosing to ignore them she reminded me of Gertrude Stein.  In my Linguistics book, An Introduction to Language, I noticed a quote from Stein that said, “I really do not know that anything has ever been more exciting than diagramming sentences” (Fromkin 121).  That is a pretty interesting quote considering that a lot of Stein’s work, specifically in Tender Buttons, isn’t grammatical to the point that it actually makes no sense.  The only reason that Stein continues to be read today would be because she started off by doing regular work but progressed into what some would call nonsense.  The fact that she knew the rules but chose to break them meant everything.  You have to prove yourself before you can bend the rules.

                josie, i’d like to commend your hard work and maybe i’ll even take a page or two out of your book



Josie Rush said:

Aw, thanks Angela! Your entry made my day.

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