Short names go in headlines

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From Dr. Jerz’s blog:

“Not all bus plunges were judged equal by the foreign desk, according to Siegal. ‘It was better when buses plunged in countries with short names,’ he says. ‘A bus plunge in Peru was infinitely easier to deal with than a bus plunge in Argentina or Paraguay.’”

Haha.  I noticed this while reading through the titles of the bus plunge articles that are due on Wednesday.   There was an article about a bus plunge in Nepal called “20 die in Nepal bus plunge: police.”  Although it lacks in creativity (but who said it had to be pretty?), it gets to the point.  The articles that had longer country names didn’t choose to include them in their headlines.  Now I know why.




Kaitlin Monier said:

I thought the same thing. It's funny how a country's name has an impact on the headline of an article.

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