The News and I Presentation

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Ex 1:The News and I

                My presentation centers around a cereal box…but let me explain.  It is a box of Cinnamon Life ® which I have turned into a box of Angela’s life and the news.  The outside of the box has been “dolled up” to be a little more personal and news-like, but the real information is contained within the box.  Inside is the following and for the following reasons:

1)      A picture of my parents, grandparents, and me- The real purpose of this photo is to draw attention to my grandfather.  About three years ago, on his 80th birthday, a news crew came.  The reason for this is on this day, my grandfather Angelo Palumbo (name sound familiar?) was reunited with a friend from the U.S.S. Missouri for the first time since they separated after WWII.  His friend was watching a documentary called “Kennywood Memories” in which my pap  makes an appearance.  He found his number and came down for the party.  A news crew came out and filmed the encounter.  It was also featured in the local paper.  To read the story as told by the professionals see item two.

2)      An article giving the details about the encounter

3)      The front page of the “Cougar Pride”- I worked at Chatham University’s Music and Arts Day Camp this summer.  There I taught a class called Press Time which was basically journalism.  This is the first page of the paper we produced.  I did all of the editing and layout.  The students wrote the articles.

4)      The Setonian- This paper represents two things.  First, it represents my past.  Because I do not have a copy of my high school’s paper handy it is acting as a stand in.  I took Journalism for two years, my junior and senior year.  I wrote frequently for the paper.  The Setonian also represents my future.  Although I haven’t written for it yet, once soccer is over, I plan on writing a few articles for this paper.

5)      A monster- Sulley from Monsters Inc. represents my fear of the TV news.  I used to watch the TV news a lot more but stopped as a result of my fear.  Watching the news honestly makes me paranoid.  I hear of women getting raped, houses getting robbed, and other, more heinous crimes.  The TV news makes every story so personal it scared me into not watching it.

In class, of course, there will be a cereal box containing the items.


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