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                I can’t even believe that it is time for this already.  News writing, so far, has been good.  I’ve relearned some of the finer points about journalism and had some fun along the way.  I love the laid back nature of the class and the activities like the fake press conference.  Here is a display of blogs exhibiting what I’ve been reading and more importantly, what I’ve learned.


·         Fantastic Journalism Tips the material is covered well.  I go through several tips to help a novice journalist.

·         Subject+Action Verb=Good Lead gets to the point but really helped me understand something important about leads.  You wanna know what it is?  Read it.

·         Mixing Up Dates I cover all the material.  It is an in-depth analysis of what Dr. Jerz asked us do. 

 ·         I Was Impressed discusses what I thought about the 11 o'clock news.  Surprisingly, it was mostly news.

·         Writing with Personality discusses the dryness of some news writing.  I really liked the examples Cappon gave that allow the writer to draw the reader in.


·         Making an Old Story New basically just covers the information presented about the lead of a story.  Just like many of my classmates, I talk a little about the reporting on death of Michael Jackson.



·         Children's Author Tortured by Own Genius is a brief, but in-depth analysis of a little detail included in the article about Dr. Seuss.  I really enjoyed the author's portrayal of him and thought that her interviewing skills were great.

·         The Painstaking Process of Producing Details is about my "Aha moment" in this class.

·         Good Quotes Can Win Awards is a fun entry but I do analyze a great article in it.  I also received nine comments on it so it is also in the discussion section below.

·         What Makes a Story Newsworthy? displays that I am able to take the information presented to me and apply it.

·         Here ducky, ducky, ducky. I'm going to kill you. I disect the article.  I was disappointed in what I read and was confused because the article wasn't flattering.



·         A Necessary Characteristic for Journalists: Self-Confidence I commented on Greta's blog and spurred a conversation.

·         Josie's blog All Together Now...Remember Your Audience is another great one.  I left a long comment there because she made me think about journalism in a way I hadn't thought about it before.

·         Journalists can change the world! is Derek's blog.  My comment is not lengthy but Derek and I have a nice little back and forth exchange here.  I took the concept that Derek talked about and further applied it to a new example and concept.



·         Clark and Scanlan conTribute to our learning- I wrote a long entry about the Tribune Review.  Greta made an intriguing comment that made me think.

·         This reminds me of something... spurred a conversation.  I talked about the fact that the news always tries to make a story out of nothing.  Then we started to talk about the LA Fitness shootings.

·         Stop Toying With My Emotions obviously struck a chord with my classmates.  I talk about how the news exploits people when they are feeling really upset about a certain event.

·         Good Quotes Can Win Awards also appears above.  It is down here too because, as I said, I received nine comments.  People seemed quite interested and a good conversation was started.



·         The video is so much like real news it borderlines not even being funny was turned in the same night we had class.  It was a Friday night.  (Yes, I know I don't have a life.)  I had all weekend and I put your class, Dr. Jerz, at the top of my priority list.  I know you feel special. :)

·         Group Presentations was posted the day of the group presentations.

·         Magnitude and Proximity Take Center Stage was on time and in depth.

·         Short names go in headlines was turned in the same night we had class.

·         Chop. It. Up. was turned in early and has to do with putting periods in sentences.

·         A Grimm Outlook was written on time and is cleverly named if I do say so myself.



·         Is This Alright? is a Link Gracious.  I've linked my blog to Richelle's blog because we wrote about similar things.

·         And Greta said, "Let there be light." is also a Link Gracious.  I'm selling Greta's blog here because it inspired further thought in me.  It could also be considered part of the discussion grouping because I'm reacting to a peer's blog although it's not on that blog.

·         Let's face it.  This whole blog is a Xenoblog that is linked graciously to my

·         Journalists can change the world! is Derek's blog.  I made the first comment on it.



·         The News and I Presentation is my post about our in-class presentation.  We didn't have to post it but I decided to anyway.

·         breakin da rulz  this entry breaks the rules...ok not really.  This is one of my reflections that I posted.

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