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Day 1

I chose to follow two stories that I thought would definately have a follow up story.


     "Allegheny River Boulevard reopens"

     On Sunday, I got a text from my friend from high school asking if I knew some kid.  She continued to say how he was in a terrible car accident.  As I scoured my memory to see if I could recall him in any way, I thought about this assignment.  I looked on and sure enough, there was a breaking news article.  It’s short and states that there was an accident and injuries were involved.  The headline, however, was that the road was reopening.  I thought this headline was a little cold, almost as if to say, “These people crashed their car on a busy road which was an inconvenience to us all.  Thank God it’s open again.”  But, I do think the reason for this headline is just to report the facts.  The newspaper is trying not to speculate too much at this early stage, so instead they are just reporting the straight fact that the road is now open.  I look forward to the new developments on this story that are sure to come.


     "State gets first doses of swine flu vaccine"

     My second story is about the state receiving the H1N1 virus vaccination.  I figure that as the vaccination spreads out all over the state, especially in our area, there will be follow-ups telling us about the people who get it, possibly the rush to get it (the lines).  In this article, Allegheny County (the county in which I live and the news paper is based) had not received any doses of the vaccine.

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