Portfolio 2, already?

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It's so weird not having a lot of blogs to fill out a portfolio, but this section was not particularly blog heavy.  I'm still learning about news writing.  I really starting to see the inner workings of the news.  Without further adeu, here is my portfolio:


  • On-the-spot On? covers the material well.  I comment on two separate articles.
  • Great Tips for Writing an Article is in my opinion, the best blog I've written for this class.  I go over several points of a particular chapter in Cappon's book.  I created this little outline of quotes and tips to try to help the class and myself succeed in this class.


  • Can you say tacky? looks at a few articles that have a lot of errors.  It shows that even the professionals make mistakes (and makes me feel a little better about my mistakes).  I had to look up each thing that was wrong in the article to make sure I was making proper criticism.
  • Great Tips for Writing an Article is in my opinion, the best blog I've written for this class.  This entry also appears above but I thought that it definately shows my ability to look at things with a critical eye.
  • I Like Me Some Color! looks at multiple front pages of newspapers, covering what works and what does not.  This blog exhibits my ability to pay attention to subtle details.
  • Following the News is my latest blog.  Unlike all of the other blogs, this is actually a series of entries all attached to this first entry.  Although I did not get the results I was hoping for, I still learned a lot because the process made me stop and think.


  • In April's blog, I posted my thoughts.  I thought she wrote a great entry!
  • The Big Picture and the Little Picture: Spot News is a well-done blog by Jeanine.  I'd like to take this time to give Jeanine a virtual pat on the back.  She's really been doing some great work!  I commented first on her blog and other's agreed with my position.


  • Abducted by Aliens sparked a discussion.  Several of my peers suggested websites for me that were very helpful.
  • I Like Me Some Color! looks at multiple front pages of newspapers.  I used this entry above in depth, but it also belongs here because several students commented on my observations.


  • On-the-spot On? was turned in early, as were many of my blogs with only a few exceptions.


  • Can you say tacky? suggests that my peers and anyone reading my blog look at April's blog.  She found some different mistakes in the article.  I think her blog was well done.
  • Derek Brings Up a Good Point is, besides a wildcard entry, basically a billboard for Derek's blog.  I really like promoting other's blogs in my own blog because I know how great it feels to have your hard work recognized.


  • Derek Brings Up a Good Point is one of my reflections.  I really liked what Derek had to say in his blog about the impact that font has on the reader.  I look at font in depth, using some of the vocabulary we learned early on in the class.


If you haven't had enough of me yet, check out my last portfolio



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