Wrapping up Breaking News

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Day 3


     From Day 1 and Day 2 of our news activity, I’ve learned that the news surprisingly doesn’t always follow up.  As I remarked in day 2, I don’t really understand why the story about the crash in Penn Hills does not have any new developments being that the news this week hasn’t been incredibly exciting.  Of course, I have a little bias because I may or may not know the people involved.  But seriously, why does this story not have new developments?  Is it a confidentiality issue?  I doubt it.  It seems to me that the people involved (I know at least one of the names even though the article does not provide this information) are old enough that sharing information would be fine.  Maybe the newspaper just forgot about the story, but I doubt this.  I’m sure they are incredibly organized at the Post-gazette.  Overall, I have no idea why this crash did not make the news again because as far as I know, the injuries sustained were pretty serious.  It wasn’t like the people involved just got concussions or something.

      The second story was a little less serious but had a greater range of interest.  This is why, I think, that it has a follow up.  I’m sure that in days to come there will be more updates.  They just haven’t come out yet because the vaccine hasn’t been out long enough.  With this story, the newsworthiness is much higher than the other one because it affects many people. 

     Although I did not really get to see much of a story unfold in my examples, I have seen it happen in the past.  I remember when the Seton Hill student was shot in the standoff.  I kept on checking the internet for the latest updates.  At first only the fact that a standoff was in the process was reported.  Then it came out that the person involved was shot by the police.  Last, the stories about the student came out.  People who knew him speculated what could have caused this to happen and so forth.  The stories get progressively longer and phrases like “no other details are available at this time” disappear. 

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