Dr. Jerz, I have a few questions about writing the investigative report

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I have a few issues/concerns about writing my investigative report.  I thought it might be helpful if I asked the questions online.

As part of my investigative report, I called one of the companies that distributes to Petland.  When I did this, I put my phone on speaker phone and had my friend listen to the answers as I asked the questions.

1) How do I talk about how I called the company in my article without referring to myself?  I can't say, "When I called Petland..."can I?

2) My friend, in some of her quotes, referred to we (as in her and I) and Angela, so I can't really avoid bringing myself into it if I use some of these quotes.  How should I deal with this?

3) Is it a problem that I was unable to get the name of the person I talked to when I called Mid America Pet?

4) Is it ethical to mention the name of the guy who I talked to from Petland in Monroeville since a person could actually track him down?


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Here you go, Angela... I hope my answers help.

1) You might say "In a telephone interview, Jim Smith of Petland said, 'Whatever.'" But "said" is still acceptable, since your source is speaking by telephone.

2) Probably the best thing is to paraphrase those passages.

3) Did the person decline to give the name, or did you forget to ask? "A man/woman who answered the phone at Mid America Pet said 'blah blah' but declined to give his/her name."

4) Maybe we should talk about that one offline, since I'll probably need to know more details.

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