I'm Gettin' Wired!

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When I first looked at the main page for http://www.wired.com/ I didn't know if I was in heaven or in chaos.  There were so many colors and letters everywhere, it seemed like so much to look at.  It was fun and overwhelming at the same time.  I was attracted to the article about the Nissan Leaf EV

I thought this article was cool but did find that it broke a main rule of journalism.  If you're going to abbreviate something, you say what it stands for the first time and then you use the abbreviation after that.  This article never tells you what EV is.  I don't know if they figured that their audience is mainly geeks so they'd either know or figure it out the abbreviation’s significance.  EV, I did figure out, stands for Electric Vehicle.  I would recommend reading the article.  The car seems cool but it has its definite downsides.  You need to charge it like a cell phone and we all know what happens when you forget to charge your cell phone...you're stuck with silence.  You can't forget or it can have bad consequences.  The same goes for this car.  It can only run so long without being charged.  Also, Nissan will own the battery and you lease it however you own the car...weird.

The little links within the article take you to related articles.  There are about nine links on this article.  There is one where the writers of the website get to test drive this car and one that takes you to an article discussing the loan Obama gave to Tesla Motors for researching and funding these kinds of cars.  All I know is that I want the car at the top of this link...it's sweet!

I found these links to be highly informative and cool.  This topic interests me.  I think it's fun to see what kinds of technology is out there for EV cars as a possible future consumer.




Derek T said:

I like your title because I feel like I am wired at the end of this semester! haha! I just clicked onto wired.com and noticed in the right hand corner, for today (Nov. 16), there is an article about the character "Mario," who is in videogames, and a museum exhibit. Interesting! As for your link about the Nissan electric car, it is awesome and if you buy one, let me know! I think that the links add, a lot, to an article especially if they involve automotives or something new coming in the future. I also think that it is really cool to include links because you never know what you will learn. Just think, I just used a link to see the Nissan car article! hmmm... Good Job!

Aja Hannah said:

Sometimes cars names come with abbreviations and that is their title. It could be the same way with EV and that's why the article didn't write it out (because it's the title and proper name). You figured out that it was an electric vehicle so the authors did some (maybe not good enough) job explaining what it was/meant.

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