Petland and Puppy Mills

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As the Christmas season is fast approaching, many people are probably considering buying a dog for a loved one.  My article is aimed at educating people about where to get their dogs from.  Does Petland really get their dogs from puppy mills?  Here are some links that I plan on using for my research.

  • Youtube video- This is a press conference where a man from the Humane Society talks about their investigation into Petland's use of puppy mills.  There are some visual of puppy mills to accompany this.
  • Humane Society: Massive Puppy Mill Raid is a youtube video that shows actual footage of the humane society going in and raiding a puppy mill.
  • This is the main page for the Humane Society's investigation on puppy mills.  On this page there are several links taking you to articles about the subject.
  • This is the Petland website.  On here it claims, "Our registerable pets come from professional and hobby breeders who have years of experience in raising quality family pets."  This is interesting because the Humane Society's site said that they often times don't know where the pets are coming from.  They often get them through a "middle man."
    • It is interesting that in their news archives it says that the above lawsuit was dismissed.  They never use the words "puppy mills" in their description which is rather vague.
    • This article is also in their archives.  It claims that the Humane Society turned down helping shelter dogs in order to prosecute Petland more.  I have two things to say about this.  1) It's terrible, if this is true, that the Humane Society would turn down the opportunity to help dogs.  2) If Petland had nothing to hide, why would they try to sidetrack the Humane Society with a different project.  Why not just open up their trade and show the Humane Society that they're wrong.  It you have nothing to hide, hide nothing.
  •  I called Petland.  The man I talked to immediately addressed that they do not get their dogs from puppy mills when I asked where they were from.  He said they get their dogs from Missouri.  The distributor was Mid America Pet.  The website won't work.  Here is a pdf file that claims that MidAm is the "middle man" who gets their dogs from the puppy mills and keeps the dogs in small cages.
  • I found out that the USDA has regualtions that animals need to be raised under.  One of the acts that is regualated by the USDA is the Animal Welfare Act.  Here is a link to a fact sheet and a pdf file to a document giving the exact regulations (in foggy legal terms).

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Derek T said:

Wow, Angela! You have a variety of links and I think you have a really great start! Good Job!

Josie Rush said:

"they get their dogs from Missouri. The distributor was Mid America Pet. Here is a pdf file that claims that MidAm is the "middle man" who gets their dogs from the puppy mills and keeps the dogs in small cages."
Investigative reporting would be so much easier if people stopped telling half-truths. "Nope, we don't get our dogs from puppy mills. We get them from this guy....who gets them from puppy mills." Maybe we should all stop doing things we feel the need to lie about.

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