Portfolio 3: My Journey to Higher Learning

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   Believe it or not, it's time to present to you Portfolio 3.  These portfolios are a great way of documenting how the individual student has grown in a particular discipline.  When I look back on my portfolios from Literary Criticism to Introduction to Literary Study, I see how my writing and understanding of complex topics has changed over time.  Even if blogging is a pain, it's worth it in the end.  It's also a good way to express the opinions I have that I may not get to talk about in class!




  • You Don't Have to Be Perfect... explains the importance of admitting one's faults, even in the world of news.  I especially liked this reading because it applies to life (as I point out in the blog) and to journalism.
  • "I Wish to Remain Anonymous" demonstrates my ability to use the text to answer my own questions about journalism. 
  • Can Somebody Say Amen? is probably my favorite entry in this portfolio.  I used both the text and an actual newspaper to back up my claims.  I suggest you check it out.  


  • Preachy Morons by Michelle Tantlinger is a great entry!  I am the first and only person to comment, which I find a little disappointing because it is such a good entry.  Michelle also responded to my comment.
  • Just Please Look It Up - Hint: AP Style Book is Derek's blog.  I was the first to comment and returned later to give my opinion on what was said.
  • Fixing Our Mistakes Before They Happen is Josie's blog.  As I said in her entry.  I wrote a long comment to add to Josie's entry.  Unfortunately, as it happens to me at least twice a semester, I forgot to copy the comment before trying to post it and it was lost.  The new comment is a lot shorter but still goes over the same points.


  • You Don't Have to Be Perfect... started a healthy conversation about journalism and life in general on my blog.  I also returned to respond to my classmates' comments.
  • "I Wish to Remain Anonymous" started another conversation between my coursemates.  In this one I related the information Haiman gave us in his book to the questions I had about real journalism.  My coursemates must have liked the topic.


  • How Do You Deal With This One as a Journalist? is a blog that I posted early in the morning (1:54 a.m. to be exact) because I wanted to make sure I met the deadline.  I take this very seriously because I don't like to procrastinate and because deadlines are very important to journalists so it is only fair that I hold myself to those standards.


  • How To...Be Human is also my wildcard entry that is in response to Matt Henderson's blog entry.  I really liked his topic and thought that I would promote his blog using my blog.
  • How Do You Deal With This One as a Journalist? is an entry where I promote Josie's blog.  I thought she did an excellent job on writing about sensitive journalism.


  • How To...Be Human is my promotion of Matt Henderson's blog.  I thought he did a great job and wanted to write and post my reflection about his entry.  His blog (and mine) discuss the importance of treating interviewees like people, like you'd want to be treated.


If you haven't had enough of me yet, check out my last portfolio or first portfolio for this class.



Derek Tickle said:

Great Job, Angela!! I hope that you feel better soon and keep up the good work because we are almost finished!

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